Global Quality Consulting

Our primary goal is to increase the quality of your products and services
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Global Quality Consulting will reduce Opportunity Cost for business by assuring the Quality in their supply chain management, from planning, controlling, and assuring efficiency in the production line, reducing defects, lead time, and reducing inventories at all stages of the supply chain. Organizations have their shares in the market only if they provide a valuable product or service at the right time and they need to lower there cost to achieve this share (opportunity).

   Opportunity lost known in business by the appearance of demand in the absence of supply (good/product/service) leading to customer dissatisfactions; in this situation an organization not only looses a sale (profit) usually it looses the customers that decides to go to another supplier/ store, that probably delays their work/project if the good is needed to accomplish a certain project as construction ones for example and this is not only effects the supplier and the customer it effects the society at large economically
  • Total Quality Management   

  • Production Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management 

   Opportunity cost is inherent from reducing Opportunity loss a main business objective in today‚Äôs market. Often Companies use all tools to reduce loss factor, leading to an opportunity cost which defines the cost of operational waste remaining in the supply segment in terms of delays, defects, and inventories at various stages of a supply chain, inflated cycle and lead time as a result of delays, defects in logistics, production bad quality of finished goods and excess of inventory at all stages of a supply chain system, Opportunity Cost as a function of (delays, Defects, Inventories..)
  • Project Management

  • Customer Service Satisfaction

  • Energy and Power

  • Training